Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Watch and Learn Wednesday - Card Mailing Tip (click here if watching in email to view video)

Hi, Everyone,
You've just spend hours making that beautiful handmade card. Now you are wondering, "How do I mail this to Aunt Mary and it look like this when she opens it?" Connie Stewart has an excellent tip I had never thought of. Take a look and see if this is something you might do next time you mail a card.

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  1. Does this work for things like the pearls and stones? I wish the post office would go back to hand canceling.

    1. In 2010, the post office issued a special Butterfly Stamp to be used on hand-made cards to indicate they are to be hand cancelled. This was done in conjunction with Hallmark Cards. These are the stamps I used at Christmas to mail all my Christmas Cards. The cost at this time is $.70. Here is the link:
      Hope that answers your question.


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